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Inspection Services

We provide a broad suite of inspection services, covering a wide range of industries, and equipment. Among our key priorities are safety, reliability and adherence to code requirements.

Our engineers have relevant qualifications, as well as experience providing inspection services to clients in the following sectors: 

  1. Amusement Rides
    • Design reviews, liaison with conformity assessors and inspection services
    • Inspection to obtain amusement ride licensing for new rides and modifications of existing rides
    • Inspections for renewal of amusement ride licenses, on an annual basis
  2. Pressure Vessels
    • Inspection services of air receivers, steam receivers, boilers, heat recovery steam generators and autoclaves
    • Extension schemes for boilers and heat recovery steam generators
  3. Pipelines
    • Inspection services of steam pipelines, steam line repair work, steam piping from boilers, natural gas line, fuel gas line and gas metering station
  4. Tanks
    • Inspection of diesel tank, liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank, chemical storage tank, various flammable and hazardous storage tanks
  5. Gasworks
    • Certificate of Fitness Inspection