CASY Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2017. Prior to this incorporation, the company was operating as CASY Consultancy Services since 2004.

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Technical Proficiency.

Engineering Excellence.

Specialised Knowledge.

Who We Are

We are acknowledged for reliability, specialised industry knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, holistic approach to delivering long-term solutions, and a client-first mentality. 

Our Services

We provide a broad range of services to our clientele that includes engineering consultancy, project management, design calculations and reviews, fire safety consultancy, inspection and submissions to authorities.

Industries We Serve

Some of the most well-known brands in Singapore hire CASY Engineering Consultancy. We serve the needs of clients in construction and building, amusement rides, mechanical systems and oil & gas. 

Industries We Serve

Building & Construction

CASY Engineering Consultancy places the utmost priority on building safety. Our expertise covers residential, commercial, industrial as well as institutional buildings.

Mechanical Systems

In designing mechanical systems for our clients, we prioritise the importance of providing solutions that are reliable and cost-effective in the long-term. 

Lifts & Escalators 

We provide engineering consultancy on all aspects of the design and engineering of lifts and escalators, with specific focus on safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Amusement Rides

We currently provide engineering consultancy services various theme parks in Singapore.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Our services for the oil & gas sector include inspections of pressure vessels, steam pipelines, gas pipelines and fuel pipelines.

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